Dr. Heinz and I warmly welcome you

to join us for our next

ūüĒ• fireside chat ūüĒ•¬†

Mar 9 @ 8 pm Eastern on Zoooooom

Here is our tentative list* of Fireside Chat topics for 2021:


Jan 11 Gassy, Bloaty, Belchy, Farty

Feb 9 Gut Healing Made Simple

Mar 9 Stealth Infections You Didn't Know You Had

Apr 13 All About Vaginas

May 11 Movement 101

Jun 8 The Trick About Pooping

Jul 13 Prepping For Longevity

Aug 10 What's In Our Medicine Cabinet

Sep 14 What You Really Need to Understand About Brain Health

Oct 12 Getting to the Root of Chronic Pain

Nov 16 Products We Can't Live Without

Dec 14 Befriending Sleep


*topics subject to change at a moment's notice based on hot topics our patients are struggling with,

shifts in the time-space continuum, or new things we're learning about that we just can't keep to ourselves


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